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Loans PQ puts the pieces together Two Applications one seamless solution
Two Applications one seamless solution
LoansPQ™ makes it easy for your institution to add online loan processing capability to your existing website. An outline of our setup procedure follows:
Phase 1: Gathering Information
We start by collecting information that we need in order to properly setup LoansPQ™ to work with your web presence. These items include:

• The Web address to be linked to LoansPQ™
• Any logo/artwork that is used on your website
• List of Loan Types you currently offer
• List of your loan products with any supporting rate detail and information (Word or PDF file)
• Applications and Letters that you would like to integrate into the LoansPQ™ system.
Phase 2: Templates & Forms
Once your letters and application forms are digitized, the fields are "mapped" to the data that applicants provide when they submit their applications.

For instance, if a user applies for a car loan, the information that the user provides can be used to pre-fill the fields of additional applications or letters. This allows you to cross-sell and qualifies the applicant for additional loans or print letters to the applicant without the hassle of re-entering their information.
Phase 3: System Training
Training is usually performed via a WebEx session that allows you to view and interactively participate in all aspects of learning the system. WebEx allows this to take place over the web in your own office environment scheduled at convenient dates and times.

Training is typically completed in 2 hours or less and can be divided into two 1-hour sessions.
Phase 4: Marketing & Advertising
LoansPQ™ has a library of marketing collateral materials that are fully customizable upon request. From print-quality flyers to animated flash banners, you will be able to notify consumers and prospects of your ability to quickly process their loan applications online in a variety of mediums.
Phase 5: Process Loan Application Submissions
Once LoansPQ™ is setup to process applications, it will be active on a 24/7 basis, allowing your current consumers and prospects the convenience of submitting loan applications online.

Processing these applications is as easy as logging into your LoansPQ™ account and reviewing the loan application submissions. You have a full suite of tools to help you run credit reports, generate customized reports, print letters, archive documents--and much, much more!
with Online Switch Kit
XpressAccounts™ further extends LoansPQ's capabilities by enabling your website to handle new account applications as well...
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Find out how your lending institution can easily link
LoansPQ™ with your system.
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