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Loans PQ puts the pieces together Two Applications one seamless solution
Two Applications one seamless solution

LoansPQ™ Puts The Pieces Together

With all of the different components that are required to process a loan; it can be both puzzling and complicated. Now more important than ever, financial institutions must bridge their internal systems with streamline workflow processes and staff efficiency. This state-of-the-art automated lending system simplifies the processes and delivers a sophisticated, yet simple means to facilitate the borrowing needs of their valued consumers. Its powerful decisioning engine analyzes applicant credit data using the specific underwriting guidelines of YOUR loan products and programs to determine a loan pre-qualification or referral...all within 20 seconds!

Online lending is quickly becoming the wave of the future. LoansPQ™ can become the link to your lending institution’s success. A recent survey of lending institutions by Callahan & Associates shows that “as many as 23% of all loan applications are submitted online. Of these online applications, over half of them are funded. For mortgage loans in particular, nearly 1 out of 4 applications were submitted online and 53% were funded.”

Given the proven success that financial institutions are experiencing with their investment in online lending capabilities, the question for those that have not made the move is:

What is it costing our bottom line to NOT link to the LoansPQ™ system?

Useful Tools & Features
Expedite Loan Processing

Advanced cross-selling, loan processing, forms integration, communication, digital archiving, new consumer acquisition and custom reporting capabilitiesare also built into the system.
Intuitive Loan Applications
for Consumers & Prospects

Loan applications are simple. In addition, applicants can save their information, allowing them to complete and submit their application at their convenience.
Customize and Generate Reports to Suit your Needs
Using a variety of parameters within a date range, financial institution staff can create and format customized reports for data-mining campaigns using real-time data


LoansPQ™ Protects Your Data

Online applications have a tough time guarding against security breaches because of the dynamic nature of the Internet. New viruses, platform vulnerabilities, and software glitches can affect your application’s stability and security at anytime, exposing your company to competitive espionage, fraud, and litigation. With LoansPQ™, you can rest assured knowing that the system is supported by dedicated staff who understand that security is paramount.

For more information regarding our security procedures, please click here.


LoansPQ™ has a one-time set-up fee based on consumer size. Our transaction-based pricing model is widely recognized as realistic and affordable for financial institutions of all sizes. For more information on our pricing structure please contact: .

with Online Switch Kit
XpressAccounts™ further extends LoansPQ's capabilities by enabling your website to handle new account applications as well...
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Find out how your lending institution can easily link
LoansPQ™ with your system.
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